Venezuela: how far from the civil war?

Monday, 26 June 2017 05:40

by Valeria Aghilarre (EPOS)

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It seems that the civil war in Venezuela may blow up at any moment. People continue protesting against the government of Nicolas Maduro and the President does not demonstrate any will to open a dialogue with the opposition. In the meantime, the Central Bank has devalued the bolivar of 63.9%, making the crisis situation even worse for Venezuela’s industries

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Epos converses with Ammara Farooq Malik

by Nicolamaria Coppola (EPOS)
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Mrs. Ammara Malik is a Pakistani High Court Lawyer and an MA in Political Science. She has been involved in peacekeeping and peacebuilding issues since long time, and she is currently heading the SEPLAA Foundation as the Founder & CEO. In this exclusive interview for EPOS she discusses Pakistan's current situation, talking about sensitive topics such as the issue of the minorities and the condition of the Christian community in the country, the role of women in Pakistan, the status quo of the Pakistani Civil Society and the challenges that the population and all the institutions are asked to face

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