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by Nicolamaria Coppola (EPOS)
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Maria Butler is the international Director of the PeaceWomen Programme of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, known as WILPF, the longest serving women's peace organization. In the work to make international policy more effective and advance accountability, she has authored numerous publications including the "Women, Peace and Security Handbook", an expert analysis of the Security Council's resolutions. In this exclusive interview for EPOS, Maria Butler talks about the role of women in mediation and negotiation at the national and international level, and focuses on the role of Syrian women's group in the Civil War and at the table of negotiation. She also points out the challenges that women involved in mediation are asked to face

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by Gregorio Baggiani

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Nowadays Georgia aspires to an integration within the Western framework, and in particular within that of the European political structure (EU) and the international military structure (NATO). But at present Georgia can undoubtedly be defined a European state, and not a Western one, because it lacks a political culture comparable to what has developed in Western Europe over the centuries. What is the current political status quo of Georgia? What are the relationships with Russia, the European Union and the International Community?


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by Andrea Dammacco

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As the report of the United Nations Development Programme shows, 14 African countries have had lots of achievements over the past 13 years. Everyone has registered significant progress in education, life expectancy and per capita income growth. Angola has recorded a leap in 148th position for the past five years, maintaining a trend over time always positive data over exposed

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