Demography 2050 - Population & Resources

This new section would welcome observations, analysis, reports on a range of issues where demographic or population dynamics play an important role, although not necessarily the main one. The themes that could be ascribed to the "open pair" of " people& ..." are many and it would be presumptuous as well as not effective to limit them. However, it seems useful to propose some strong themes that seem somehow organic to the overall reflection led by EPOS on conflicts. This understanding is the basis for the choice of the title for this presentation of this section: resources are the link between population and conflicts.

A conflict from this point of view is to be understood in his broader sense of confrontation and structured and protracted tension or simply of selective comparison between multiple strategic goals. So population and energy resources, water resources, food resources, but also population and public resources (funds) as the spending, health and education expenditure. But the same population can be understood as a resource and so population and labor market, migration and long-term growth prospects.

Often the dynamics related to these pairs interact with complex and evolving geopolitical frameworks;  think of the development plans of the systems of dams in areas like the Chinese and Indian Himalaya, the border area between Turkey, Iran and Iraq, the middle Nile area (Sudan and Ethiopia).

Just these interactions make these themes worthy of being included in the discussions and reflections carried out by the community of EPOS.

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