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EPOS is an independent non-profit organization. It operates within the area of Mediation and Negotiation at international level both in the field of conflict resolution and in the field of conflict prevention and resolution.

The aim of EPOS is that of contributing to the creation of stability in conflict areas, of maintaining stability in stable areas, in those at risk and those which have recently reached stability.

The activities of Negotiation and Mediation, based on the strong experience of the members of EPOS in research, analysis, training activities and operational activities in these fields, are aimed at providing a contribution to improve the functionality of political, social, economical and security related processes. EPOS fulfils its aims by engaging also in activities such as the elaboration of policy papers resulting from in depth research, training at various levels, creation of networks, editing of a specialized source of information.

EPOS acts under mandate of, in cooperation with, in collaboration with state institutions, non-state institutions, NGOs, research institutes, universities, industries and enterprises, world of finance and other. EPOS acts through the realization of its own initiatives and actions; activating co-operations and collaborations; creating partnerships with national and international institutions (within the EU, at territorial level and other), with private institutions (either profit or no profit). EPOS cooperates and adheres to consortia and associations. In order to increase the efficacy of its actions, EPOS adheres to national co-ordination networks at national and international level.

Amongst the members, supporters, collaborators, partners of EPOS, there are experts, professionals, practitioners, scholars at international level, high representatives of the world of culture, politics, economy, security, industry, journalists; national and International state and non-state Institutions; national and International state and non state organizations; Universities and others.

EPOS Mediation and Negotiation Operational Agency - back to the top

EPOS the agency operates in conflict areas intervening and operating where formal institutions cannot intervene: it goes beyond the threshold. It engages in a delicate and complex mediation between the parts involved, individuating points of contact and elements of discordance. It elaborates strategies that in some cases can result in action. In other cases, it can provide the parts involved (social, political, economical) with the necessary information and the strategy to proceed in the negotiation process. When needed, possible or opportune, it sides and/or supports the parts in the process. It takes into careful consideration all aspects including social-psychological processes, working on levels of sympathy and empathy.

EPOS respects all the parts involved and takes into account with the aim of helping them develop joint objective criteria and standards of legitimacy.

The negotiating strategies are elaborated on the basis of in depth research, on a specific EPOS methodology in which the planning of negotiation and its phases, the sources of power in the process, the obstacles are carefully evaluated and the final target id well defined.

Negotiations carried out by applying EPOS methodologies aim at effective conflict management, avoidance of escalation, de-escalation strategies, reconciliation, compromise and consensus on a win-win basis, that is a mutual gain approach.

The Agency dedicates itself also to training programs within the field of negotiation and mediation, that include activities of frontal lectures, workshops, simulation games and other.

EPOS Leadership Task Force - back to the top

The Task Force is aimed at training the political leaderships (in particular members of Parliaments) that are created the day after democratic elections have taken place in the world, and other leaderships that have already been created or are being created. It is also aimed at leaderships in other fields, such as industry, administration and other.

It is also focused on the development of leadership amongst young people in all kinds of social, political, economical and cultural environments.

Training is organized not only in frontal lectures but also on role playing, simulations, practical activities. It combines theory and practice in a dynamic and effective way. It is EU oriented, that is that it provides accurate and exhaustive preparation on EU issues, institutions, policies and other.

EPOS Policy Unit - back to the top

The Unit has the finality of carrying out in depth, reliable and updated analysis aimed at the elaboration of policy papers in fields ranging from social to political, economical, strategic and security related issues.

The policy papers are based on data gathered in field work research, on open source analysis, on direct experience, interviews with relevant actors and other.

The Unit engages itself in the promotion and dissemination of EPOS policy papers.

EPOS Network - back to the top

The network of EPOS has the aim of promoting the activities of networking in various domains, in particular those related to the activities of EPOS. The network is established at international level, to allow young people in particular to have access to sources and training, operational and information activities at global level. In this way they can propose contribution and in case collaborate with the activities of EPOS. The network contributes to the enhancement of debates on relevant issues and acts as a hub for connections and activities.

EPOS Network is the operational tool of EPOS Barycentre project.

It is designed to promote activities of networking in various domains (in particular those related to EPOS) at international level, to allow people, in particular young people, to exchange and share ideas and experiences at professional level, to have access to sources and training, to operational and information activities at global level, to propose initiatives and contributions themselves and to publicize their products and activities, acquiring visibility.

The network welcomes students, experts, professionals, practitioners, scholars at international level, diplomats, politicians, high representatives of the world of culture, politics, economy, security, industry, journalists, national and International state and non-state Institutions, national and International state and non state organizations, universities and others.

Epos - back to the top is the source of information of EPOS. It is continuously updated and provides high quality, carefully selected information.It is based on a network of correspondents from all over the world, who act as ‚Äúsensors‚ÄĚ to signal the most significant critical events in every area of political, economical, social, cultural, strategic and security related interest.In this way, it offers a very distinct point of view from the field, distancing and distinguishing itself from routinary, ¬†rethoric,superficial and sensational reporting.¬† EposWorldView is divided into three sections:

Insights: in depht analyses on todays world's events and issues by authoritative experts

Conversations: EPOS converses with prominent personalities on crucial topics

Notepad: quick and agile reports on current issues and events

Specials: a collection of articles and essays on a specific current and crucial issue

Activities - back to the top

EPOS is focused on:

  • the study, the planning, and the realization of projects of mediation and negotiation;the selection and training of specialized personnel in negotiation and mediation processes;

  • training programs both on negotiation techniques and on theory and methodology related to the prevention and the resolution of conflicts;

  • networking activities;

  • training courses for established leaderships and to develop leadership;

  • training activities at all levels (universities, schools, professionals and other) aimed at the promotion of stabilization, mediation and reconciliation;

  • information activities;

  • elaboration of policy papers; any activity related to the institutional aims of EPOS ;

  • self-promotion activities;

  • fund-raising.

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