Conference "Itinerario Albanese: dall’emigrazione in Italia all’integrazione europea" - January 2018

Tuesday, 30 January 2018 09:06
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On the 29th of January 2018, EPOS High Level Conference entitled "Itinerario albanese: dall'emigrazione in Italia all'integrazione europea" (ENG Albanian itinerary: from the emigration to Italy to the European integration) on the “added value” of the Albanian migration in Italy and on the future of Albania in the European Union took place in Rome at Spazio Europa.

The conference was organized by EPOS in cooperation with the association Occhio Blu - Anna Cenerini Bova and under the high patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Albania.

The program of the conference can be download here.

A short video realized by EPOS on the "numbers" of the Albanian migration was shown at the beginning of the Conference.

Emanuela Del Re, Chair of EPOS, moderated the third session of the Conference entitled "Albania and Europe" aimed at discussing the issue of the membership to the European Union, the future of the Republic of Albania in the EU and the so-called "European cause"

The panelists were:

- Elly Schlein, Vice-Chair of the Delegation of the EU-Albania Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee

- Esmeralda Hasani, Adviser to the State Minister to Diaspora

- Nicola Pedrazzi, Journalist

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