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Economic Reconstruction training course - December 2017

Sunday, 31 December 2017 09:05
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The training course on "Economic Policy Issue and Economic Recostruction in Syria" was organized by EPOS in cooperation with the Syrian organization BOUSLA for Training and Innovation.

The training, that took place in Syria, intended to provide the conceptual framework and policy elements, operational means and references and practical tools to field practitioners in planning and implementing post-conflict economic reconstruction activities in Syria.

The training course was also aimed at improving the understanding of the patterns of the economic flows of goods, people and services, as well as the spatial distribution of resources. It did focus on following sectors from a macro-economic perspective: agriculture and alternative agriculture, construction, textile, national industry, enterprises, banking industry, investments and strategic planning.

The skills that the training aimed at achieving were: enhancing administrative performance; communication and negotiation; strategic planning; leadership in business administration; decision-making and problem-solving.

20 Syrian trainees participated in the course.














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