Mondoreligioni, World of Religions - december 2017

Sunday, 10 December 2017 08:15
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Mondoreligioni - World of Religions is exclusive and unique festival created by Emanuela C. Del Re, Chair of EPOS, that took place for the first time in Rome in December 2017, 7-8-9. The Festival gathered in the same place different religious groups and communities providing information stands managed by the religious communities themselves, roundtables with experts, scholars, and representatives of the religions, presentation of books, documentaries and musical concerts and performances organized by the communities.

The religious communities that participated in Mondoreligioni were: Ahmadiyya ∗ Azione Cattolica ∗ Baha'i ∗ Centro Islamico Culturale, Grande Moschea di Roma ∗ Confederazione Islamica ∗ Consulta Chiese Evangeliche di Roma ∗ Focolarini ∗ Fondazione Maitreya ∗ Giovani Musulmani d'Italia (GMI) ∗ Associazione Islamica Imam Mahdi ∗ Unione Induista Italiana (UII) ∗ ISKCON – Hare Krishna ∗ Istituto Samantabhadra ∗ Chiesa Ortodossa di Romania in Italia ∗ Sikh ∗ Istituto Buddista Italiano Soka Gakkai ∗  Stella Del Mattino, Chiesa di Dio Onnipotente ∗ UBI, Unione Buddisti Italiani ∗ UCOII, Unione delle Comunità Islamiche d'Italia.

Mondoreligioni was organized by the Section of Sociology of Religions of the Italian Sociological Association - of which Prof. Del Re is the national coordinator -in cooperation and partnership with EPOS and the magazine "Confronti". The Festival was sponsored by the University John Cabot and got the patronage of Regione Lazio and Municipio I - Roma Centro. Mondoreligioni was supported by many institutions and organizations: European Academy of Religion, Cattedra UNESCO Religioni, Religions for Peace, Uniti per Unire, FSCIRE, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Occhio Blu, UMEM, ICSOR, Trinità dei Monti Think Tank, UCEI, FCEI and others.

The Festival was aimed at enhancing a deep understanding of the religions professed in Italy through the voices of the representatives of the religious communities who shared with the audience their experiences, challenges and vision for the future. Mondoreligioni involve all the participants in an interactive dialogue, with the main goal of raising awareness on the different religions in Italy, for a better coexistence in our multi-religious and multi-faiths society.

You can download the Programme of Mondoreligioni here.




ISKCON Hare Krishna


Consulta delle Chiese Evangeliche di Roma




GMI - Giovani Musulmani d'Italia


Stella del Mattino - Church of Almighty God


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at


Istituto Samantabhadra


Soka Gakkai


Fondazione Maitreya

















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