Short bio-bibliography

Emanuela C. Del Re is an Italian scholar specialized in geopolitics and security issues. She is the founder and Chair of EPOS, International Mediating and Negotiating Operational Agency (www.eposweb.org), an agency that operates under mandate at EU institutional  level and other levels in the field of negotiation in international, national and local crisis; it includes various activities that range from information sources, analysis, training of leaderships and other, and networking, especially for young professionals worldwide. She lectures at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the first University of Rome, named “Sapienza” (www.comunicazione.uniroma1.it). She is professor of International Relations within the Master's degree course on “Immigration and Refugees issues” (www.masterimmigrati.it) where she also regularly organizes “International Crisis simulations”. She is a Jean Monnet professor as she has organized and co-ordinates a Jean Monnet module on “European Culture(s), Citizenship(s) and Governance” in the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the University “Sapienza” of Rome. She has been researcher at the European University Institute of Fiesole (FI). She regularly lectures in various Italian and international courses organized by academic institutions as well as governmental institutions and NGOs. She is a presenter of papers and Keynote speaker on the themes of her researches in numerous conferences and seminars (European Parliament; London School of Economics; School for Slavonic and Eastern European Studies, London; Universities and Research Institutes in Italy; Central European University, Prague; University of Bielefeld; University of Tirana; University of Sofia; University of Budapest et al.). She has obtained grants for her researches from various institutions, amongst which: Central European University (Prague), University “Sapienza” of Rome, Military Centre for Strategic Studies (CeMISS, Rome), Customs Agency of the Italian Ministry of Finance, Department of Infrastructure and Transport (“Province” of Milan), European University Institute (Fiesole, Italy), Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Central European University.

She is mentioned in the “Who’s who of International Business and Professional Women” 2009, commended by the International Women’s Review Board, published by the American Biographical Society (Washington D.C.).

As an expert in Geopolitics and Security Issues, she acts as reference and consultant for Institutions such as, amongst others, the Italian Ministry of Interiors, Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Italian Ministry of Production, Italian National Radio Network RAI and research institutes such as the Military Centre for Strategic Studies (Rome) and NOMISMA. She is a member of the European Stability Initiative (ESI). She is a member of the Network of Excellence Transfuse (www.transfuse-association.org). She is a member of the International Society for the Sociology of Religion and of the international research network Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (www.humiliationstudies.org). As Chair of EPOS, she is member of Osservatorio sulla Sicurezza Nazionale (OSN) of the Italian Ministry of Defence (http://www.difesa.it/SMD/CASD/Istituti+militari/CeMISS/Pubblicazioni/OSN/).

As an author, she has vastly published in Italy and abroad, being the author of books and essays.

She is the member of the editing committee and regular contributor of the leading Italian Geopolitical Review Limes (www.limesonline.com) and of the Italian Review on Intelligence Gnosis, the publication of the Italian Ministry of Interiors. In her international activity, she has also acted as International Electoral Observer since 1994 for UN, EU, OSCE in Bosnia, Albania, Yemen, South Africa, Algeria, Ukraine, Serbia, Kenya. In Algeria (1997) and Yemen (1997), also drafter of the final report. She has always kept a strong interest in the support of audiovisual techniques in her researches, and in fact she has been the director and author of the text of scientific video-documentaries produced by the University of Rome “Sapienza”.

She has an eclectic background as she started as a political and cultural anthropologist, but carrying out researches on field in conflict areas (her first systematic field work research was carried out in the South African black townships of Mamelodi and Soweto in 1990), she slowly developed other interests under different scientific approaches that derived from the application of the method of participant observation, by which in her studies she tries to apply a multifaceted perspective that in her view allows a much deeper perception of the essence of a particular issue. She is a known expert in Balkan issues, having carried out long field researches in the area since 1991, focusing in particular on the Albanian question, in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia, where she has followed closely the crises and conflicts that have taken place there in the last fifteen years. She has focused her field work researches on themes such as: big connection axes in Europe and beyond (Pan-European Corridors, in particular V and VIII) and on geo-strategic and geopolitical implications of oil and oil pipelines, focusing in particular on Caspian Oil (field work in Azerbaijan). In the field of security studies, she is a known expert in terrorism and in trans-national and international illicit trafficking, with a particular focus on the link between illicit trafficking and conflicts, migration and illicit trafficking and illegal trafficking of women aimed at prostitution networks.

Selected publications, volumes, CD Roms, video-documentaries: Il Corridoio V, Province of Milan, CD Rom, 2003; Corridor VIII. Realization, financing, works, impact, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport-ANAS, 2003; Paneuropean Corridor VIII, Geopolitical and Geostrategical aspects, Military Centre for Strategic Studies, Rome, 2002, CD Rom; Albania punto a capo, SEAM, Rome, 1997; Albania on the wave of the years, Argo, Lecce,1995; Bread Salt and Heart. The Kanun of Lek Dukaginji amongst the people of the albanian mountains, Argo, Lecce, 1993.
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